Monday, October 8, 2007

What Day Is It?

blog prompt: Columbus Day, Native American Day, or both?

Today is Columbus Day (observed) and also Native American Day. If it really was a Viking who discovered America, I have a South-Dakota insight into why he didn't get the credit.

When I read in Writer's Almanac today about how small Columbus's ships were, I was amazed. It's almost like he was sent off to do something with inadequate support--sort of a gag gift or condemnation. Then again, I don't know how big other ships were at the time without doing some research. It's good to have it be Native American Day, too. My daughter wants to have a Columbus Day party (anything for a celebration, anything for some cake?) I was wondering if I couldn't make some Native American food and also something Spanish/Italian to recognize both events. It seems like I’m more looking for a celebration excuse than pushing myself for ethical and philosophical reflections. One thing I do question is why Peter Pan (a la Disney) didn't get recalled or edited for its embarrassing song "What Makes the Red Man Red?"

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