Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Breakfast of Self-Control; the Breakfast of Binging

Blog prompt: The Best Breakfast Cereal

For sturdy repetitions, I would say cooked oatmeal--old fashioned cut--with milk, no salt, nothing else but maybe some walnuts. One could live on this simply because there would be no impulse to binge on it! The breakfast cereal of pleasure, however, would have to be granola. It has, however, overindulgence as a built in feature--how not when 1/4 cup makes one carbohydrate exchange? I think to eat it well one needs to save it for dinner and eat 3/4 cup with milk. Almonds, raisins, dried apples, dates, whatever fruit--sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, sweetener, coconut, cinnamon and vanilla . . .that's pleasure. However, just thinking of eating even 3/4 cup of it makes me feel anxiously deprived. I have heard that sometimes abstinence is easier than moderation. Maybe I should keep a safe theoretical distance from granola.

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