Monday, October 1, 2007

It Works


blog: Zinsser--and he's a writer by profession--once said "that writing wasn't easy and wasn't fun" (4). How do you feel about writing?


I am too production-oriented, admittedly. Often times I take more pleasure in having done something than in doing it. Writing is one of those activities. But I mistake. There is a point in writing when I know things will work if I patiently see them to the end; before this there are false-starts and dullness. When I know something will work, I begin to take pleasure in it because I am secure. I remember once a writer who said that what he/she had done was so easy for you to read because it was so hard for me to write. That is so; I have looked at my completed lyrics thinking how simple and unassuming they appear--ah, what was taken away--you wouldn't know.

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