Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Catch-up on my food

Blog Prompt: A Favorite Food

Ah, it's hard to pick a favorite food; I’m glad it's not the MOST favorite food. One thing I like is green bean pizza--a meatless version that I make. I like it because it is filling without being greasy (lots more green beans than cheese), and because the children prefer pepperoni, leaving more of the green stuff for me. I also like whipped cream--the old fashioned kind that one whips rather than frozen whipped topping. I love the inherent sweetness of dairy cream. Halvah bars are another favorite; I had a friend in college who said they tasted like stale Butterfinger bars--which reminds me of my grandfather saying that matzohs tasted like pasteboard…AHEM! I like matzohs, too. Really, my favorite food has to be the food that I can eat with restraint and not feel sick or guilty for having eaten, even in moderation.

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