Friday, September 28, 2007


PROMPT for Blog: plagiarism is like ___________ because _______________.


Today I don't feel like moralizing or analogizing, so this won't be an easy topic for me to write about. In fact, the most I've typed today was repeated letters that came as my hand was down on a key while asleep.

But I'll humor myself. Plagiarism is like theft because we rob the world of our own ideas by using those of others instead. That has to be the worst crime. I hate to say I am unhappy when I receive FW: e-mails of "great ideas" and touching thoughts. They may be great ideas and touching thoughts, but I crave the authentic interaction, the personal perceptions of the other. I think the word plagiarism is related to the idea of kidnapping. Ironically then, to plagiarize is to get carried away with one’s self, too; a kidnapper goes off in hiding with his/her victim.

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