Friday, September 14, 2007

Bon Accident


An accident


I really don't want to remember any accidents I was involved with; accidents are either associated with vehicles (true to American automobile obsessions) or potty training (true to that obsession, too). Beyond these traumatic and melodramatic axes there is the sense of "a mistake" (my credit to Liz K. for reminding me of this), but it is used in phrases such as "I accidentally" or "I did it on accident." I want to talk about one of those accidental things, because it's more fun.

Once I was given "creamed honey" as a gift and put it on the table for guests (and myself). At some point in the meal I realized that it wasn’t creamed honey, but solidified drippings--bacon or hamburger grease probably; I don't remember which. Phew--food trash put out for a delicacy. Bon apetit.

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